Research Publications

Academic research publications

In addition to the research reports shown on the homepage, new academic research articles are available:

Shea, T., Cooper, B., De Cieri, H., Sheehan, C., Donohue, R., & Lindsay, S. 2018. Post-incident support for healthcare workers experiencing occupational violence and aggression. Journal of Nursing Scholarship. 50(4): 1-9. doi: 10.1111/jnu.12391.

Shea, T., Sheehan, C., Donohue, R., Cooper, B., De Cieri, H. 2017. Occupational violence and aggression experienced by nursing and caring professionals, Journal of Nursing Scholarship. 49(2): 1–8.

Shea, T., De Cieri, H., Donohue, R., Cooper, B., & Sheehan, C. 2016. Leading indicators of occupational health and safety: An employee and workplace level validation study. Safety Science, 85: 293-304.

Sheehan, C., Donohue, R., Shea, T., Cooper, B., & Cieri, H. 2016. Leading and lagging indicators of occupational health and safety: The moderating role of safety leadership. Accident Analysis & Prevention, 92: 130-138.

Research attention

Our survey conducted with members of the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (Victorian branch) is cited in:

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