Our award-winning research team at Monash University conducts research across a wide range of areas important to workplace health and safety, encompassing psychological wellbeing, physical and physiological health and safety.

We have successfully collaborated with many organisations to design, conduct and report on high quality research that addresses important practical problems, and is rigorous, ethical, collaborative, and impactful. Our completed projects span multiple industries and use state-of-the-art research methods. Our research outputs have attracted substantial interest from the media and government, and have translated into a range of practical applications for regulators, employers and workers. Academic achievements include publications in highly ranked international peer-reviewed journals.

We prioritise evidence-based research projects that can be co-designed with you and tailored to suit your organisation’s needs, built on, and supported by, extensive research and practice.

Our expertise includes:

  • detailed surveys of managers’ and employees’ views of workplace health and safety in Australian organisations;
  • development and validation of practical tools to measure the state of health and safety in a workplace;
  • measuring attitudes to bullying;
  • understanding occupational violence and aggression; and
  • evaluation of competency frameworks, training programs and OHS interventions.

For more information about our research, please browse the website and feel welcome to contact us.

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